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Why Tv Dosen’t Buffer As Compared To Internet?

Written by kartik waghare

why Tv buffers as compared to internet In Today’s generation we have good data speed as compared to old time, The buffer issue is moral less happens only in rare cases . but before some years we need to wait for a log time to watch a full video on youtube or any online platform the video keeps on buffering before the video runs 1 min then again the buffering get starts and this makes us really frustrated why Tv buffers as compared to internet.

But if we talk about Tv as compared to internet TV was not buffering before and now also it remains same on TV we do not face any buffering issue TV is IS same before and today also. TV never buffers even if we watch HD channels on it as compared to internet.even if we change channels really quick it never buffers you can see instant results  on other channels. Even if you have DTH system or cable TV it never buffers. whatsapp group links 

Why Internet videos Buffers ?

Internet buffering happens because consider if you are seeing a video on youtube and you roomate is also seeing videos on youtube internet speed depends upon the usrs at that time if many people are using internet at same time then the load increases n that server and you face buffering problem.

Why TV dose not Buffers ?

On Television what happens is the channel what you are watching is depends on you but the program on that channel is not depends on your hands . you cannot control program time through TV . ON televison the videos or programs are broadcast on the same signal and every user gets the same signal . and same program is played on everyones TV channel that the main reason their is no buffering issue on TV

Consider you have placed a anntena on your roof for TV and that antena is directly linked to

Satellite and that satellite sends every channel at same time as you change your channel it means

you change frequency  and when you came on that frequency then you will see the program that are

available on that frequency

Same in cable connection the cable that comes to your house is also receiving parallel channel at 

same time difference is that you press the button it means that you have changed the frequency and

that how you watch other channel without any problem problem occurs at the time where the

weather is bad or windy then you will see a disturbance in your channel or program otherwise

their is no buffering issue.

I hope you guys have understood about why internet video buffers and why TV program do not buffer.

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