5 Whatsapp Tricks To Become a Pro

5 Whatsapp Tricks To Become a Pro
Written by kartik waghare

Hello Friends Today i am going to share some whatsapp tricks to become a pro in whatsapp. By following this tips you will  definitely feel that this Whatsapp Tricks To Become a Pro are good.

      1.  You Can Make Your Data Usage Limited

5 Tricks on whatsapp That will make You a Whatsapp Champ

If you are facing a problem that your internet data gets exhausted easily then you can try this tip to save your internet data follow the steps that you will need to do this trick

  1. open your whatsapp
  2. enter into whatsapp setting
  3. the chose data and storage usage
  4. the set all the option as shown in picture

By using this Whatsapp Tricks To Become a Pro you can save your internet,  and use it on the other place where it is really important . you will get the files that are important and other files will not be get downloaded so your storage will be maintain some time whats happens is you get the same image many time and your data get wasted on that images so you can use this whatsapp trick to save data.

       2. you can customize your text messages on whatsapp see how-

5 Tricks on whatsapp That will make You a Whatsapp Champ

You can customize your messages you can make whatsapp message bold trick  ,whatsapp message italic  and yes whatsapp message strikethrough.

How to bold whatsapp message-

You will need to add star on the both end of any word then it will automatically convert you message to bold word. and you can follow the instruction as shown in blue image.

How to make message italic-

For this whatsapp trick you will need to add under score ( _ ) on the both end of the word so that it will automatically get converted into italic word if you have not understood then please see that blue  image below.

5 Tricks on whatsapp That will make You a Whatsapp Champ

How to add strike in whatsapp messages-

To make your word strike trough you will need to add

~ this to the both end of the word as shown in blue image .most useful tips on whatsapp

   3. How to set custom message alert sound for particular person-

5 Tricks on whatsapp That will make You a Whatsapp Champ

How to set custom notification in whatsapp,

For this trick you will need to click on the person profile then click on custom notification buttons

then by enabling the custom notification in whatsapp setting you can set the ring tone or sound to enable the notification sound its really simple .

 4. How to send blank message on whatsapp

  For This trick you will need to download a app called No word which is available on playstore

you can easily get that by that app you can send blank messages to any person and you can prank your friends on whatsapp. how to send empty message on whatsapp.

   5. Auto Reply On Whatsapp

Heres my favourite tip that is really useful on whatsapp , how you can send auto reply on whatsapp

You will need to Download an app name as auto-reply that is available on play store, By using this app you can auto reply any person you will get a lot option to reply any person on whats app.

so yeah here are the five tips&tricks  by trick saves on WhatsApp find more tips and tricks only on



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