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Self Driving Car – Waymo Self Driving Technology Explained

Written by kartik waghare

 self driving cars technology explained are nothing but the cars which are drived by the system without any human help or activity . what does self driving car uses it uses radar ,camera,sensors, basically it uses artificial intelligence to drive the passengers from one place to another place without human help.

Their are many types of self driving car but today we are gonna talk about the waymo self driving car    basically this car contains radar, Lidar ,camera, their are many cameras placed in any self driving cars and this car also has many cameras and their are 360 cameras to get the 360 view their are radars present here which is placed at top ,and both side of car almost everywhere

How radar helps in self driving cars ?

Radars are the useful components of self driving cars as self driving cars has many radars it helps to find the object distance that are present near the car and it also detects that is that object is the moving object or a constant object and the lidar is also present everywhere to show us what objects are present near the car lidar keeps moving to send us the information that he detects  self driving cars technology explained

Their are many buttons panel present inside the car by which you can give commands to the car to star or to off the car or to stop or to move, for the safety purpose their is also a safety button by which you can ask for help

Just thing about it how amazing is the Waymo Self Driving car is you will just sit inside the car just you will give your command set your location and you are ready to go how amazing . i hope by reading this post you might have got some knowledge about self driving car and waymo self driving car if so then comment your opinion about this   self driving cars technology explained   post below in comment section

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