How To Make a Rubber Band Airplane At Home

How To Make a Rubber Band Airplane At Home
Written by kartik waghare

So Rubber Band Airplane are really amazing many people love playing with the Rubber Band Airplane and they wanted to make it but there are many ways to make a Rubber Band Airplane so today we are going to tell you the simple Rubber Band Airplane at home idea so that you can make it at your own home out of some household items.

Making a Rubber Band Plane is not that hard but its not that easy too so there are some few things that you will need to keep in mind before you try to make a Rubber Band Airplane at home so there are many Rubber Band Airplane kit available in the market which is not cheap and it even cost more than enough and you can make a homemade rubber band powered plane in the half or quarter price so buy if you have no time to make one then go for it.

How Rubber Band Airplane Works:

So the Rubber Band Airplane is worked as a real plane principal and this is really easy to understand the Rubber Band powered Airplane wing has an aerodynamic shape which provides a lift fo the plane and due to the propeller mounted in front of the plane it pushes the plane forward and the wing helps to glide the plane.

The Rudder and elevator Helps The Rubber Band Airplane to Change the Direction if you slightly change the angle of rudder to right  the plane will fly in right direction and if you move the rudder slightly left then it will fly in left after take off so make sure you adjust the rudder and elevator properly because this is very important.

The Rubberband plays a very important role in the rubber band plane because this kind of planes do not have a battery and they totally depend upon the rubber power so make sure you use a proper rubber band and the more you twist the propeller the longer the plane glides in the air and the more the plane glides the better the fun playing with it.


Things Required To Make a Rubber Band Airplane:

  • Balsa wood Stick
  • Foam board
  • glue gun or Fevicol
  • Some Tape
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Rubber Bands
  • Wires


How to Build the Rubber Band Airplane:

Step I:

Som In Step I  Now You Will need to make Body of the plane which will be made out off a balsa wood stick and this stick should be light in weight and this is really important so that our plane can fly try to use a strong glue to stick the plane parts properly.

Step II:

Rubber band airplane wing

Now You Will Need to Make Wings of the plane using the styrofoam or a thin Thermocol sheet and make sure to get proper knowledge how to make an aerodynamical wing easily.

Rubber band airplane horizontal and vertical stabalizer

Along with that makes the vertical stabilizer  and the horizontal stabilizer and make sure they are in proper ratio the ratio is 3:1 so try to align the vertical stabilizer  in the center of the Horizontal stabilizer

Step III:

Now make the propeller as shown in the video below and use the ballpoint pen to make the rubber band and the propeller to work properly you will get the proper idea if you watch the video so must watch the video.

Watch the video for more information:


Conclusion For Rubber Band Airplane:

So In this post, I have told you how you can make the rubber band powered plane easily so make sure you try to make this plane as this plane is really amazing and you can easily make this at your home with the household items.

Make sure you share this post with your friends and try to help them how to make a plane using a rubber band and also read our latest post: best trimmers.

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