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Obstacle Avoidance Smart Shoes Technology Explained

Written by kartik waghare
Hello Guys today we are going to discuss On the Topic of obstacle avoidance smart shoes today i will tell you all the technology that is used in smart shoes , and what will be the future of smart shoe in he world , as the shoes are the our daily wear able item that we use daily as we use our cloths , so but we are talking about smart shoe some of the companies are their in the world , who are marking and using their knowledge to make the shoes smarter.
As You all know that their are many smart shoes which are already available in market but they do not have much features yet they only can count steps, your calories etc, but have you ever heard about a shoe that detects obstacle avoidance smart shoes  for blind peoples sounds cool right! Yes some company are also started their development on the smart shoes for blind peoples

Another New idea Of on of the smart shoes developing company is to add gps in the smart shoe yes guys you are reading its true gps in shoe so what will be the use of gps in smart shoes, the companies are claiming that they will add navigation inside the shoe let me explain in deep as you all know if we are navigating our self while  using google maps we need to see the screen of the phone as every turn comes so the companies are trying to add vibrator in the shoe , if you are using this shoe then you just have to set your destination and the shoe will tell you the direction , if the left shoe will vibrate then you will need o turn left if the right shoe vibrates then you will need to turn right this idea is really amazing i am also really exited to see this kind of smart shoes.


As You all realize that their are many keen shoes which are as of now accessible in market yet they don’t have much highlights yet they just can check steps, your calories and so forth, however have you at any point caught wind of a shoe that identifies deterrent for visually impaired people groups sounds cool right! Yes some company  are additionally begun their advancement on the savvy shoes for visually impaired people groups


Another New thought Of on of the keen shoes creating organization is to include gps in the savvy shoe yes folks you are perusing its actual gps in shoe so what will be the utilization of gps in shrewd shoes, the organizations are asserting that they will include route inside the shoe let me clarify in profound as all of you know whether we are exploring our self while utilizing google maps we have to see the screen of the telephone as each turn comes so the organizations are attempting to include vibrator in the shoe , in the event that you are utilizing this shoe then you simply need to set your goal and the shoe will reveal to you the course , if the left shoe will vibrate then you will require o turn left if the correct shoe vibrates then you should turn right this thought is extremely stunning I am likewise truly left to see this sort of brilliant obstacle avoidance smart shoes.

so this was the post about smart shoe i hope you have enjoyed my post and thanks for reading my post stay connected you can also read our new posts – self driving cars

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