how mobile apps make money

How does android apps makes Money? explained in details

How does android apps makes Money ? explained in details
Written by kartik waghare

How does android apps makes moneythis is the biggest question that was asked to every developer and as an developer i have also faced so many question from my friends or by some peoples living in my society, Android apps are made by android studios via coding or you can make one by using some other drag and drop platform to make one like thunkable,makedroid etc. How does android apps makes Money

Android apps are developed to help people in daily life and every developer thinks  the same to help people but android apps are not easy to make and not so hard but if you works for something you need to be get paid so developer wants that so a android app developer place some adds in his apps to make some money by the app ,

If any person clicks on the advertisements while using the app then the developer gets some money per click it all depends on the country if you are living in India and you click on add then the developer will get 0.2$ cpc. cpc meaning is cost per click so if any Indian click on add then he will get 0.2$ some time it make increase different countries have different cost per click . How does android apps makes Money

Their are many ways to make money by an android app but the best way is by placing advertisements of google Admob the most used add network by any developer as placing google adsense adds are really simple and easy just we need to sign up in admob to place adds as google admob their are many advertising company like Facebook, media net,etc they are also similar to admob .

Ad networks  used by developers-

  • Google Admob
  • start app
  • In mobi
  • flurry
  • smaato
  • lead bolt
  • chart boost

How we can make android apps?

Android apps are really amazing and if you are really passionate about making an android app so you must try your best by taking online courses or by going to offline training centers which are available almost in any city. by going to their coaching centers you will able to learn some knowledge about coding and android studio and also check youtube.

How does android apps make Money?

So the another method is by by in app purchase. this method is mostly used by games . If you are a gamer or if you love gaming then you know that many games offers buying character skins, guns in game etc by using our money and many people buy them for fun or for playing that games in a better way so the game developer gets money and people are crazy about games this days so developer trys to makes the games that makes the gamer to play again and again or to addict him by that game and the gamers buys skins ,guns, and other parts in the game.mostly developer of games earn money by in app purchase

But the which do not have in app purchase mostly they place some adds  to earn so then main topic is that adds gives the money to developer i hope you have understood that how games and apps make money so please comment your opinion about the post below.How does android apps makes Money 


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